Responsible Credit

Be Responsible! With Open Credit! (Credit Cards):

Here are some great methods for responsible charge card use.

Settle you credit cards promptly. This really is simple common knowledge but is frequently ignored by many charge card users. File your payment schedule and abide by it to the letter. That won’t only help you create a strong record of great credit it will save you the stress of fretting about getting your credit card bill paid.

If you got several credit cards try to transferring the amounts to at least one or two that have the best interest rates and then eliminate another credit card. By restricting the number of credit cards that you own you will not need to be concerned about balancing a payment plan that you can’t afford to maintain with.

Cash Advances? Huge interest rates are always charged by credit cards most on cash advances so if this can be a common practice for you it’ll certainly get you further into debt and if you currently have poor credit it will only make things worse. If you do need certainly to remove a cash advance in your bank card make sure you will be able to pay it as soon as possible.

Credit reports detail your history of credit use and are often the basis for determining whether to extend credit to you in the future for a mortgage, car loan or credit card. You can access your reports with the three main credit-reporting agencies online at

By law, you can retrieve one free report a year from each of the bureaus. Check your reports, no matter which way you do it. If you find a mistake on your reports, here’s what to do: Determine whether it’s serious.

You can file a dispute online or by mail.Online is easiest but not the best, especially if the report has a serious or recurring mistake: Filing by mail you can fully explain the situation and can include copies of supporting documents: Will make much easier for yourself to try to correct the mistakes on you Credit Report.

Get your annual report 3 times a year with the 3 different Agencies For FREE: &

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